A person who doesn’t provide their pet with his basic
requirements out of ignorance is neglectful.

A person who has been shown the proper way, and still
to neglect their pet, is abusive.


Standards of Care

At Piggie Poo, we want to change the way the world thinks about guinea pigs. We want to make people aware. 

For this reason, we have and uphold Standards of Care.

No matter where you chose to get your guinea pigs, Piggie Poo's  Standards of Care. are to preserve the health and well being of your pet. They aren't just our standards, but standards for all reputable guinea pig welfare organizations all over the world.

Here are just a few excellent resources that supplement and reinforce our teachings here at Piggie Poo:

Our Qualifications

Piggie Poo has devoted more than a 12 years to caring for over 7,000 piggys within a 7-state radius of Arizona. We've seen the direct results of poor care taking. Because of our dedication to education, we continually collaborate with experts in the field to develop, and constantly update, our Standards of Care.

For many years, world-renowned Dr. Kevin Wright mentored our organization and even practiced out of our facility before his tragic death in 2014.  Dr. Wright was Exotic DVM of the Year in 2008, two-time Exotic Speaker of the Year at the North American Veterinary Conference, and he published over 300 articles. 

Our founder, Amanda has over 20 years in animal rescue, education in Veterinary Technology, and has dozens of published articles herself.

Many animal welfare organizations use our care guide as their Standards of Care and our team of educators has trained Humane Society staff in Arizona and Utah in proper Guinea Pig husbandry.

Because of our long standing expertise in cavy education, our organization is invited to speak at many educational events with the Arizona Humane Society, Scottsdale Library, the Mesa Library, 4-H and the Scouts of America.

We take our responsibility to the piggys very seriously and we work hard to instill that sense of responsibility with all of the families that come to us. Education is our primary mission here at Piggie Poo, because our community has proven that it needs education far more than a resource for new pets.