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A Note About Kids & Cavies

Piggie Poo wants to remind parents to adopt a guinea pig for the right reasons. We have seen first hand the results of many poor decisions.

Please, do not adopt any pet to teach your child life's lessons, as it's often at the expense of the animal’s health and well being.

A guinea pig should belong to the entire family
. With good parental support and role models of excellent pet care, your child and the family's guinea pigs will grow together to form a life long, loving bond. 

Is there an ideal age for a child to care for a guinea pig? YES. 9 to 11.

Of course, it varies by child, however young children often replace critical thinking and understanding of how their actions effect the animal , with a 'toy' mentality. Very young children (especially under 7), have much less dexterity and difficulty handling some guinea pigs, and unintentional accidents are far more prevalent.

Also consider, at age 14, your child's school activities will increase dramatically and interests will change. In the mid-to-late teens, time for the animals will quickly become non-existent and rarely will the teen who moves away from home, bring their guinea pigs.


Adopting a Friend

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In an effort to match the right pigs with the right family, our adoption process includes an Application, an in-person meet and great, a brief educational session, and an Adoption Agreement. To start the process, please complete the application by clicking HERE.

Cavies are herd animals and are happiest and healthiest with a pal. We rarely adopt out singles, unless they are unbonded and a "buddy" for your lonely piggie at home.

We never adopt babies or altered males alone, they must have a friend.

Adoption Donations are as follows:

  Age Single/Buddy* Pair
 Adult Cavies1 year and older  $30 $50
  Baby CaviesUnder 1 year $35 $60
  Neutered Caviessexually altered  $35 $55
  Senior Cavies4 years and older  $20 $35

Welcome Home Kit
Each cavy adopted from Piggie Poo Rescue goes home with a "Welcome Home Kit" with samples and lots of great information!

C&C Cages are Required
Piggie Poo has minimum square footage housing requirements that are best met with a C&C (cube & coroplast) cages. Click here to learn more...


Please purchase your supplies at our Squeek Shop! Support the Rescue!

Most pet store employees are not cavy experts, regardless of what they might claim, and they are trained to sell products, many of which are not in the best interests of your pet or are simply a waste of money.

Perfect examples of wasteful and harmful products include the ever popular vitamin C drops, "exercise" balls and treats with yogurt or seeds.

The Squeek Shop at the Rescue stocks a full line of Piggie Poo recommended guinea pig products that you can purchase at the time of adoption, or anytime really! We have C&C habitats in a variety of colors and sizes, housing accessories, hay, pellets, bedding and fun piggy related novelties  100% of all proceeds from the sale of merchandise directly supports the rescue. Click HERE.


Welcome Back Policy

Piggie Poo Rescue is vested in all of our foster animals for life. If for ANY reason you are no longer willing or able to care for your adopted pets, you are contractually obligated to return them to the rescue as per your Adoption Agreement.